Våra informativa och underhållande workshops är mellan 2-3 timmar långa. De hålls av våra erfarna och inspirerande lärare som snabbt höjer kompetensnivån i ert team.

Workshops and seminars

Introduction to Git

This fast-paced seminar introduces the Git version control system, covering its core features and demonstrating its usage.

TDD! BDD! DDD! CQRS! Event Sourcing!

Taking a good look at the ideas and implementation behind the buzzwords, aiming for a fresh view on how to improve our development.

Version Control with Subversion

The seminar introduces and demonstrates the things you need to know to use Subversion effectively on a day-to-day basis.

Javascript Basics

Introduces the basics of the JavaScript langauge. Offers an overview of the things you'll use most often in JavaScript itself.

Responsive Web Design

How do we make the site look OK on phones, tablets, netbooks, desktop screens, or plasma TVs?

Better and more scalable code with Scala

Bring together the best of the JVM, object-oriented programming and functional programming in Scala, the language of productivity.


You're in a maze of twisty little bits of web development advice, all alike.

Exploring the Kotlin programming language

This workshop will show you the syntax of Kotlin. You'll also get a chance to try it out yourself through exercises.

CQRS, DDD and Event Sourcing: What it really means

This fast-paced 1-day seminar focuses on how Domain Driven Design, Command Query Responsibility Segregation and Event Sourcing come together to help us capture business requirements and map them into loosely coupled, well tested, to-the-point code.


Vissa föreläsningar är för bra för att bara ge en gång! Vi har samlat ihop ett urval av våra mest intressanta, inspirerande och underhållande föreläsningar så att fler kan ta del av dem. Var och en av dem kan levereras på 45 minuter till en timme. Kanske letar du efter gästföreläsare till ditt event eller för en inspirationsdag för ditt team. Ta en titt på våra föreläsningar och slå oss en signal om något faller dig i smaken.

Workshops and seminars

Tidigare events A seasoned user of Angular tries his hand at the React framework

Carl is a frequent user of Angular, and has been delivering courses about the framework for more than a year now.

Hur jag slutade ängslas och lärde mig älska Kanban

Föredraget ger en introduktion till Kanban och du lär dig skapa ett effektivt flöde i din arbetsprocess.

How Functional Programming Influences My C#

Some thoughts become much easier and some bugs become shallow with an FP mindset.

Intentful Testing through Domain Events

Viewing our domain in terms of events enables us to write such tests for our business logic.

Everyday Lessons from Open Source Compiler Development

Building a compiler for a large language in an open source setting with a geographically distributed team presents a range of challenges.

Ways to fail it at architecture

A look at some problems spotted in real world applications, and how to avoid falling into the same traps.

The Terrifying Beauty of Regexes

How regexes can provide .Net developers with an elegant solution to text processing problems.

Text and Strings: Not So Simple After All

Code points! Graphemes! Surrogate pairs! Combining characters! Normalization forms! Were you thinking strings are simple?

Async Programming Awaits You

Async programming simplifies responsive applications, web service calls, and parallel computation. C# 5 has new keywords to simplify this.

The Pain of Relational Dominance

Databases often grow to a point where they cause us a lot of pain. Let's pick apart the causes of this, and see how using events can help.

The Role of Language in Software Development

Language in software development is often overlooked. In this talk, we see how analysis, design, and development can be helped by language.

Web security: there's more than one way to mess it up

From SQL injection and XSS to Web 2.0-compliant unsecured Ajax and CSRF. Definitely more than one way to mess it up.

Event Sourcing for the Representation Agility Win!

With a full history to hand, we can build any representation we wish, whenever we wish, and evolve it as we need.

Eventstore - the dragon that is eating its own tail

In this talk, we will showcase Eventstore, a way to store and process events in a production setting.

Web API and REST

In this talk, we'll look at what REST is and how to implement a simple service using ASP.NET Web API.

A compiler hacker walks into the enterprise

This talk will help you to add an incredibly powerful tool to your toolbox: the compiler pattern.

Giving your saga a happy ending

How to build sagas? How do they fit in a message-based application? How to manage complex sagas. This talk is about those questions.

Some Observations about Reactive Applications

In this session, we'll introduce the ideas and motivations behind reactive applications, and the challenges this presents.

The power of Git

Git means never having to say "oops". Well, hardly ever.

Three reasons you should try Angular

In this seminar we examine the principles behind AngularJS and what makes it popular, while also building a small web application with it.

Using invoke dynamic to teach the JVM a new language

While at first blush a single new instruction doesn't seem like much, it's the infrastructure that lies behind it that makes it so powerful.

The Secret Lives of Garbage Collectors

This session will take a deep dive into garbage collection.

Angular: the pointy end of an acute future

Something more powerful is needed for our web development. AngularJS is a framework that helps you turn HTML into an application language.

Git, the art of making mistakes, and remix culture

Git is flexible, and provides plenty of everyday tools for working in the small and in the large with changes.