Sheldon Keeping

Mjukvaruingengör och Lärare

Viktiga färdigheter

  • Git/Gerrit
  • Configuration Management
  • Jenkins
  • Continous Intergration
  • Bash
  • Puppet

Huvudsakligt kompetensområden
My goal is to keep developers working and working smart. To do so, good tools and smart methods are my focus. I believe that doing things right the first time is the only way. Git, Gerrit and Jenkins are just some of the tools  that i use to accomplish these things. I have in the past led teams to change their processes towards a lean continuous integration and continuous testing framework. It is my belief that testing should go hand in hand with development and code completion. 

Specificerade kompetensområden
  • Version control with Git/Gerrit
  • Branching Strategy across version control systems for source code and binary repositories
  • Jenkins admin
  • Puppet admin
  • Script programming

Tidigare uppdrag
  • Build & Release Developer at RIM then BlackBerry TAT
  • Programmer at Alterface Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgum