Vincent Andersson

Systemutvecklare & utbildare


Vincent began his IT career 1997 , then as an IT technician in a smaller company .
His interest in Linux and web development in LAMP environment  begun around millennium. This brought him into
The database world, it started with MySQL and now he is into SQL Server.
Under a few years he worked as an educator in SQL Server , and he is very passionate with spreading knowledge about SQL server to those who wants to learn  more.
He is not afraid to venture into unknown lands , and is a quick learner if it’s needed.
The wide knowledge he has about the different systems and applications means that he fits into many different
professional roles.

Business Intelligence Microsoft SQL Server 2012, SharePoint 2010 med SQL Server 2008
R2 features , SQL Server 2014, Integration Services(SSIS)
Database Microsoft SQL Server Query Optimization, Microsoft SQL Server
Tuning, ANSI SQL, Relationsdatabaser (RDB), Databasadministration,
MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
Infrastruktur HTTPS, HTTP, LDAP, TCP/IP, Microsoft Active Directory, FTP,
Brandväggar, LAN, Disklösningar/RAID, Klusterlösningar, VPN
IT-område Webbserver, Webportaler, Webbdesign
Metoder & Modeller ER-modellering, Datamodellering, UML, SCRUM, Databasdesign
Miljökunskap Allmän miljökunskap
Operativsystem Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows
Vista, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft
Windows 98, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows Server 2008,
Linux, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Plattformar Wordpress, Sharepoint
Programspråk SQL, CSS, HTML, XHTML, XML, PHP, Microsoft Transact SQL
Roll Systemanalytiker, Säljare, Webbdesigner, Databasadministratör,
Språk Engelska, Svenska
Verksamhetsområden Drift och support, Webutveckling, Helpdesk och support, Content
Management System (CMS), Customer Relations Management
(CRM), e-handel
Verktyg Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007, Microsoft SQL Server 2005,
Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Samba, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, PC Anywhere,
SQL Server Integration Services 2005, Macromedia Dreamweaver,
Adobe Pagemaker, Microsoft Access, Apache, MySQL, Microsoft
Exchange 2007, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Photoshop CS4
Extended, Acrobat 9 Pro, Dreamweaver CS4, Microsoft SQL Server
2014, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, Wordpress, SEO, SQL Server