About Edument

Edument specializes in the most challenging parts of software development.

What can Edument do for you?

Edument - a leading software development and mentoring company in Sweden with a focus on .NET, Java, Android, Perl and web development. Our services include in-house development, high-profile specialist consulting, and mentoring and training of developers.

Development and mentorship - We have specialists for your needs

We offer services to solve specific problems; our knowledgeable consultants act as mentors who aid you in improving the overall efficiency of your development process. By equipping developers with greater knowledge, more efficient working methods and improved tools, higher quality software can be developed in less time. Thus, our experts help you to lower development costs while increasing end user satisfaction.

Acke Salem

Co-founder and Key Account Manager

0735-07 14 63

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Contact Acke regarding sales and services.

With true entrepreneurship Acke has successfully managed several companies within different areas such as retail, garden center and IT. Regardless of industry or organization, he has always put quality first. Acke is very involved with Eduments partner Informator - which is Scandinavia's largest IT-education company - where,together with colleague Anders Sylvander he develops Informator's services in the region.


Tore Nestenius

Founder and systems architect

0708-16 68 56

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Contact Tore regarding ongoing projects, technical questions and development.

Tore Nestenius has worked as a consultant since 1997 and is a very knowledgeable system developer. Tore Nestenius previously created Programmers Heaven - a portal with over 750,000 monthly users. He is also behind several other successful projects like CodePedia - a Wiki for developers, the Open Source project TNValidate, and the C# School e-book with over 100 000 downloads.