Work with people who want to make great software!

At Edument we choose our assignments with care. We want the challenging ones. Truly challenging. Right now we have an abundance of challenges, and so we're looking for more Edument people. We need to strengthen both our developer and teacher teams!
For the developer teams we're looking for someone who wants to work with front-end web development or Java. Bonus points if you like IntelliJ, and another set of bonus points if you're curious about Android and mobile development. The project you'll be working on is run from Helsingborg/Malmö.
For the teacher teams we're looking for someone who wants to work with Java or .NET. To get into our culture we prefer if during the first six months you're on location at the office in Malmö or Helsingborg. After that, it's fine to work partly remotely. We deliver courses across the whole country.
All of us who work at Edument share a passionate relationship to programming, and we're constantly learning and improving. The thirst for knowledge is one of our most important driving forces.
Do you want to get an insight into what it's like to be new at Edument? Read our blog post Din första tid på Edument (in Swedish). At our Instagram account, you can get some insight into our working environment, and you'll also find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
Do you feel ready to become a part of the Edument family? Contact Björn Lindell at / +46 733 514 830. When we meet on the interview we'll be talking about exciting topics such as technology, programming languages, motivation, expectations, competence, coffee, beer, movies, and music.
Selection happens continuously, so get in touch as soon as you can!

Currently we are looking for

Developers with a passion for Java
Right now our team of Java tutors needs re-inforcement! As a Java guru you will work with raising the competence in the Java world. When you aren't proselytizing Java you will be developing new courses, work in one of our projects as well as making sure your own competence is at its peak.

Among other things, we want you to...

  • Speak fluent Java and have a passionate relationship to programming
  • Keep track of what happens in the Java worls and raise our courses to new heights
  • Can explain complicated things in a simple way
  • Deliver courses in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm, and sometimes make a journey to some other exciting city
  • Participate as a developer in some of our projects

Prior course delivery experience is no requirement. But we do require passion, ambition, and determination! Your office will be either Helsingborg or Malmö.

Passionate frontend developers
Are you a frontend developer wanting to participate and develop products that will be used by developers around the world? In that case, you may be the right person for us.
The tasks involved range between research and implementation, and some keywords are:
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • React
  • HTML5

Projects are run from Helsingborg/Malmö.

Passionate IntelliJ expert
We are looking for a passionate senior Java developer who we want to be our IntelliJ expert. Using IntelliJ, you will help to create unique customer-tailored solutions, create plugins, and of course write a couple of lines of code. We are partners with JetBrains, who develop IntelliJ, and through that we have access to a lot of knowledge about the IDE.

Edument are looking for educators with a passion for .NET
There's a great thirst for .NET knowledge, and our team of educators want more colleagues who work with raising the skills of Sweden's .NET developers.
When you're not out proselytizing .NET you will be developing new courses, work in one of our projects as a consultant, as well as making sure your own competence is at its peak.
Courses that we would like you to delover at the start of your Edument career are Beginning C# as well as Intermediate C#. In the longer term you are welcome to work with (for example) C# Master Class.

Why work at Edument?

  • Parts of your work time is "own time", reserved for self-improvement and your own projects within areas that intrigue you.
  • Flexible work hours. We understand that you have a life, interests and responsibilities outside of work.
  • We work with some of the biggest companies on the market, so you will be solving specific and sometimes nontrivial problems for our customers, acting as a consultant and mentor.
  • We have a personal trainee program, regardless of your knowledge level.
  • We are a company under development. With us you can go far!
  • We pay for the courses and certifications you need. Our consultants are always up-to-date. We invest in you.
  • We emphasize having regular internal events such as workshops, theme days, etc.
  • Of course we always use the latest things, both software and hardware.
  • "Work with people who want to make great software", as one of our employees said. Be a part of our success journey!